Jungheinrich Free Operating manuals

Here you can find all operation manuals currently available online for Jungheinrich forklift trucks and chargers. They are available as PDF-Downloads free of charge.

Jungheinrich ERE 120 Service Manual.pdf
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Jungheinrich DFG_TFG 316-435 Operating I
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Jungheinrich EFG-Vac 22 Service Manual.p
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Jungheinrich DFG S80 Service Manual.pdf
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Jungheinrich Service Manuals

Correct Use and Application 

 Correct application

 Approved application conditions

 Proprietor responsibilities

 Adding attachments and/or accessories

Truck Description


 Truck models and rated capacity

 Assemblies and Functional Description

 Assembly Overview

 Functional Description

 Technical Specifications

 Performance data



 Mast versions

 Tyre type

 Engine Data

 EN norms

 Conditions of use

 Electrical requirements

 Identification points and data plates

 Data plate

 Truck capacity plate

 Attachment capacity plate

 Jack attachment point


Transport and Commissioning


 Truck laden.

 Centre of gravity of the truck 

 Lifting the truck by crane 

 Loading with another industrial truck.

 Securing the truck during transport 

 Using the Truck for the First Time 

Fuelling the Truck


 Safety regulations for handling diesel fuel and LPG

 LPG system relief valve

 Adding diesel


 Fuelling with fuel containers

 LPG containers

 LPG bottles

 Liquid gas tank

 Fuel level indicator.

 Display unit


 Safety Regulations for the Operation of the Forklift Truck

 Displays and Controls

 Multi-task switch 




 Multifunction display 

 Operation of the multifunction display


 Without air conditioning system

 With air conditioning system

 With automatic air conditioning.

 Heater, fan, air conditioning system 


 Air conditioning system (o) 

 Preparing the Truck for Operation

 Checks and operations to be performed before starting daily operation

 Entry and exit 

 Setting up the operator position

 Seat Belt

 Industrial Truck Operation

 Safety regulations for truck operation

 Preparing the truck for operation

 Operational Checks

 Parking the truck securely

 Emergency Disconnect




 Adjusting the forks

 Replacing the forks

 Lifting, transporting and depositing loads

 Operating the lift mechanism and integrated attachments

 Safety instructions for operating additional attachments

 Operating additional attachments for the SOLO-PILOT

 Operating additional attachments for the Multi Pilot

 Fitting additional attachments

 Towing trailers

 Optional equipment 

 Sliding windows

 Emergency Exit 

 Driver'S Seat Heater

 Adjusting the Multifunction Display

 Fire Extinguisher

 Rockinger Coupling with Hand Lever


 Automatic Emergency Brake


 Operating the truck without its own drive system 

Industrial Truck Maintenance

 Operational Safety and Environmental Protection

 Maintenance Safety Regulations

 Servicing and Inspection

 Maintenance checklist

 Maintenance checklist DFG

 Maintenance checklist TFG

 DFG/TFG Options Maintenance Checklist

 Lubricants and Lubrication Schedule

 Handling consumables safely

 Lubrication Schedule


 Coolant specification

 Maintenance and repairs

 Preparing the truck for maintenance and repairs 

 Opening the Service Panel

 Tilting the Cab

 Checking the wheel attachments

 Hydraulic system 

 Engine maintenance

 Check the transmission oil level 

 Performing Other Maintenance Work

 Closing the Motor Compartment

 Checking electrical fuses

 Starter battery

 Exhaust system

 Seat belt maintenance

 Restoring the truck to service after maintenance and repairs

 Decommissioning the industrial truck

 Prior to decommissioning 

 During decommissioning

 Restoring the truck to service after decommissioning

 Safety tests to be performed at intervals and after unusual incidents

 Final de-commissioning, disposal

 Human vibration measurement 

Jungheinrich Fault Codes

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    Bubiya Yowade (Monday, 09 March 2020 02:09)

    Hi could you possibly supply us service & parts manuals for TG540 S?
    We (Spectra Industrial Limited) have a forklift of this model for our client that we need to repair and possibly source parts here in Lae, Papua New Guinea
    You can email to svm@spectra.com.pg