Jungheinrich Fault Codes

Event Messages

Z This display units shows a four-digit event message for every

event. Trucks that only use one luminous display (e.g. LED) show

the event through a flashing code (see "Display System”).

Each event message is also stored in the master logbook. The

master logbook describes the event in more detail through the sub

index behind the event message (FEXX).

Event numbering display


F Function group; E Event group

XX Event number S Sub index

The first two characters “F, E” refer to the category. The middle

two digits “XX” refer to the event. From these two digits the range:

• 1 to 50 describes standard events (uniform basic events)

which can occur in any function group.

• 51 to 99 describes specific events.

The event is described in further detail through the last characters

“S” (single digit / multi-digit).

This process ensures that a unique number is assigned to each

event. Example:

0 Fault reset or

no fault

1 General fault / additional functions


Logic error, e.g. both directions selected simultaneously

2 Current

(input interface, device-internal, output interface)

3 Voltage

(input interface, device-internal, output interface)

4 Temperature

5 Hardware

Example: Output transformer short circuit, EEPROM not

responding, ...

6 Software

(internal software, application software, data record /


Example: EEPROM data error

7 Additional modules

8 CAN monitoring

9 External fault

Example: ISM

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