VAG Fault Codes


G1 fuel gauge 

G2 Coolant Temperature Gauge (Combi) In the same housing as G62

G3 pointer temp. Coolant 

G5 tachometer 

G6 fuel pump 

G17 Outside temperature sensor 

G21 speed indicator (speedometer) 

G22 Sensor speed indicator (speedometer) 

G28 Engine Speed Sensor 

G31 boost pressure sensor 

G32 coolant level sensor 

G33 Washer fluid level sensor 

G34 left front wheel brake pad wear sensor 

G37 Brake pad wear sensor rear right 

G38 gearbox speed sensor 

G39 probe in front of the exhaust gas catalyst 

G40 camshaft position (angle) sensor

G42 Intake air temperature sensor

G44 rear right speed sensor

G45 speed sensor front right

G46 speed sensor left rear

G47 RPM sensor front left

G56 temperature sensor in the air conditioning control panel

G59 Temperature Sensor - Driver Seats

G60 temperature sensor - front passenger seat

G61 knock sensor I

G62 Coolant Temperature Sensor (Motor)

G65 pressure sensor for air conditioner

G66 Knock Sensor II

G68 car speed sensor

G69 Throttle Potentiometer

G70 Air mass meter in the fuel injection system

G71 Intake gas pressure sensor (intake air temperature) 

G72 Intake gas temperature sensor (intake air temperature) 

G76 car level sensor, rear left 

G78 car level sensor, front left 

G79 Accelerator pedal position sensor 

G80 Needle stroke sensor (nozzle atomizer) 

G81 Fuel temperature sensor 

G83 Coolant Temperature Sensor 

G85 Steering angle sensor 

G92 position sensor actuator for regulating the mixing (temperature) damper 

G93 gear oil temperature sensor 

G130 probe behind exhaust gas catalyst 

G143 position sensor actuator for regulating the damper for fresh and circulating air 

G149 Position Sensor 

G163 sensor (angular) position raspredv ala 

G179 Impact Sensor Airbag Side Airbag For Driver 

G180 Side Airbag Shock Sensor for Right Front Seat

G182 Gearbox speed sensor

G185 Sensor -2- fuel pedal position

G186 / V60 Throttle Actuator

G187 / G127 First throttle angle sensor

G188 Second throttle angle sensor

G191 Intake air temperature sensor in the middle

G192 Footwell air temperature sender

G`195 Gearbox output speed sensor

G200 lateral acceleration sensor, under the driver's seat

G201 brake fluid pressure sensor -1-, on the hydraulic device

G202 sensor (instantaneous) angular yaw rate (longitudinal) of the car, under the driver's seat

G203 Parktronic sensor, rear left

G204 Parktronic sensor, rear left, middle

G205 Parktronic sensor, rear right, middle

G206 Parktronic sensor, rear right

G212 potentiometer for exhaust gas recirculation

G250 power steering sensor

G263 evaporator temperature sensor

G266 Oil level and temperature sensor

G267 rotary knob for temperature control, potentiometer

G273 interior monitoring sensor

G397 rain and light sensor


J9 rear window heating relay

J17 fuel pump relay

J31 relay off Dual-stroke wiper blades

J39 headlamp washer relay

J52 glow plug relay

J59 switching relay for terminal X

J104 Used device "ABS / ABS" with "EDS" and "ASR"

J105 ABS hydraulic pump relay

J106 ABS valve relay

J110 used central door lock control system

J119 multi-function pointer

J126 used fresh air fan

J131 used heated driver's seat

J132 used heated front passenger seat

J136 used electrically adjustable seats with memory, under the driver's seat

J162 used heating

J166 lighting amplifier

J207 Starter Lock Relay

J217 used automatic transmission

J218 used dashboard

Used J220 Motronic system

J234 Used Airbeg system

J245 Used electric sunroof for car roof

J248 used direct fuel injection diesel

J251 Used / fresh air damper

J255 Used Climatronic

J271 Motronic Power Relay

J271 used control machine. Gearbox

J279 Fan relay for additional cooling of the coolant stage 1

J285 Used in combination devices (Getvey)

J293 Used fan for add. cooling

J299 auxiliary air pump relay

J301 used air conditioning

J317 supply voltage relay

J322 diesel direct injection relay

J329 voltage relay (15), on a central used car

J338 Throttle Control

J343 used xenon headlight left

J344 used xenon headlight to the right

J345 used traction mechanism

J359 relay for low heat performance

J360 relay for great heat performance

J361 used simos

J362 used immo

J363 Power Relay for "Simos"

J368 Windshield Wiper Relay

J386 Used driver's door

J387 Used front passenger door

J388 Used left rear door

J389 Used right rear door

J393 Central used electrical system "Comfort"

J400 used windshield wiper motor

J401 used navigation with CD drive

J412 control unit for servicing the telephone (interface box)

J426 xenon lamp ignition module left

J427 Xenon lamp firing module right

J431 used headlight adjustment (on the rear axle)

J446 used parking lot assistance equipment (Parktronic)

J446 Used Multifunction (multifunction steering wheel)

J453 Used parking sensors

J446 Used Haldex system (all-wheel drive)

J492 used power steering

Used J500 power steering 

J503 used navigation system

J513 Fan relay for additional cooling of the coolant stage 2

J519 Car central control unit

J527 used electronic control extended base

J533 Data Bus (Gateway)

Used J537 4LV

J538 used fuel pump

J560 relay for door signal lights

J560 used on and off dipped beam (Comming home)

J571 used incandescent lamp control device

J643 fuel pump relay

Used J687 4MV

J729 relay 1 glass washer pump, on a central used car

J703 relay 2 glass washer pump, on a central used car

J774 used heated front seats, front passenger seat

J179 The control unit glow diesel engine.


E1 light switch

E2 direction indicator switch

E4 headlight switch and warning light through headlights

E9 off fresh air intake fan

E19 incl. For parking lights

E20 potentiometer lighting switches and instrument panel

E22 off Windshield wiper blades

E23 off For front and rear fog lights

E24 off Driver Seat Belt Warning

E34 off Rear window wipers

E35 off Air conditioner

E38 wiper double-stroke regulator

E39 off To block the electrically operated windows of the rear doors, the driver

E40 off To block the electrically operated windows of the driver’s door, the driver

E43 switch for mirror adjustment

E45 off for speed controller

E48 switch device for adjusting the position of the mirrors (left, right)

E52 off For electrically operated glass on the left rear door

E53 off To block the electrically controlled glass of the left rear door, the driver

E54 off For electrically operated glass on the right rear door

E55 off To block the electrically controlled glass of the right rear door, the driver

E81 off To block the electrically controlled glass of the front passenger's door, driver

E86 off Multifunction pointer

E94 off To heat the driver's seat

E95 off To heat the front passenger seat

E96 switch for backrest adjustment, driver's seat

E102 potentiometer for headlamp leveling

E107 off For electrically operated glass front passenger door

E109 memory button multi-function pointer

E120 potentiometer for adjusting the angle of the optical axis of the headlights

E132 ASR switch

E139 position regulator sunroof sunroof

E150 off To manage the s-th center. Lock control, driver

E159 off fresh and circulating air dampers

E190 emergency off Seat memory

E204 off Electric motor for opening the filler cap of the fuel tank

E209 incl. For front height adjustment, down, driver's seat

E210 incl. For rear height adjustment, up, driver's seat

E211 incl. For rear height adjustment, down, driver's seat

E212 incl. For longitudinal adjustment, forward, driver's seat

E213 incl. For longitudinal adjustment, back, driver's seat

E218 incl. For driver 1, seat memory

E219 incl. For driver 2, seat memory

E220 incl. For driver 3, seat memory

E221 second-hand in a steering wheel

E227 button of the Tempomat device

E229 off For hazard warning light system

E230 off For rear window heating

E231 off For heating exterior mirrors

E234 Off To remotely open the boot lid

E256 switch "ASR" / "ESP"

F1 off hydraulic oil pressure sensor

F2 door off Body lights front left

F3 door off Body lights front right

F4 off headlights

F5 off Trunk lights in the tailgate lock

F8 Accelerator Pedal Limit Sensor (Kick down)

F9 off For parking brake warning lamp

F18 thermal off coolant fan

F34 warning contact when the brake fluid level drops

F36 off For clutch pedal

F47 off For brake pedal

F48 adjust the angle of the optical axis of the left headlight

F49 adjust the angle of the optical axis of the right headlight

F60 Idle Limit Switch (Throttle)

F88 Pneumatic off power steering

F96 Altitude Sensor

F120 warning device switch

F125 multi-function switch

F216 off To disconnect the rear fog lamp, in the plug connector for the towbar

F218 Off we are the center. control in the tailgate lock

F220 locking unit for the driver’s door (the position of the switches is unlocked, the door is closed)

F221 front passenger side door locking unit (switch position is open, door is closed)

F222 locking unit for the left rear door (the position of the switches is unlocked, the door is closed)

F223 locking block for the right rear door (the position of the switches is unlocked, the door is closed)

F231 resilient sliding ring contact for off sound signal

F266 contact switch engine hood

F268 off Heating element of an additional resistive electric heater

F319 off Lever finder locks in P

V1 electric sunroof sunroof motor

V5 windshield washer pump

V7 Coolant Fan

V11 headlight washer pump

V12 rear window wiper motor

V14 connection (shielding), in the rear left rear wiring harness (CD changer)

V17 motor for mirror adjustment (driver's door)

V25 electric motor for mirror position adjustment (front passenger door)

V27 power window motor rear right door

V26 power window motor rear left door

V28 motor for longitudinal adjustment, driver's seat

V29 motor for front adjustment, driver's seat

V30 motor for rear adjustment, driver's seat

V35 coolant fan to the right

V39 ABS hydraulic pump

V45 backrest adjustment motor with memory

V48 tilt adjuster of the optical axis of the left headlight

V49 headlight range adjuster 

V53 electric motor for s-we center. Controls in the boot lid

V59 windshield washer pump

V101 auxiliary air pump motor

V 48/49 servomotors for controlling clearance

V147 electric motor for electric control of glass in the driver's door

V148 electric motor for electric control of glass in the front passenger door

V149 Motor for mirror adjustment (driver's door)

V150 electric motor for mirror position adjustment (front passenger door)

V155 electric motor for opening the filler cap of the fuel tank

V157 intake manifold throttle actuator

V192 brake vacuum pump


N18 exhaust gas recirculation valve

N24 additional fan resistor for fresh air intake with overheat protection

N30 valve nozzle of the 1st cylinder

N31 Valve Injector, 2nd Cylinder

N32 Valve Injector, 3rd Cylinder

N33 Valve Injector, 4th Cylinder

N70 ignition coil 1 with power end cascade

N75 (electro) solenoid valve for limiting charge pressure

N79 heating resistance for heating the crankcase ventilation system

N80 solenoid valve for activated carbon reservoir

N88 solenoid valve 1

N89 solenoid valve 2

N90 solenoid valve 3

N91 solenoid valve 4

N92 solenoid valve 5

M93 solenoid valve 6

N95 Airbag Launcher For Driver

N99 ABS intake valve front right

N100 ABS exhaust valve front right

N101 ABS intake valve front left

N102 ABS exhaust valve front left

N108 Injection start valve

N109 fuel shutoff valve

N127 ignition coil 2 with power end cascade

N131 Airbag Launcher For Front Seat Passenger

N133 Intake valve "ABS" behind right

N133 Intake valve "ABS" behind right

N134 Inlet valve "ABS" behind left

N135 Exhaust valve "ABS" behind right

N136 Exhaust valve "ABS" behind left

N146 fuel consumption regulator

N152 Transformer high voltage ignition system (distributor panel)

N153 Launcher for driver pretensioner

N154 Launcher for seat belt pre-tensioner for front passenger

N166 EDS - Bypass Valve Front to Right

N167 EDS - exhaust valve, front to right

N168 EDS - Bypass Valve Front Left

N169 EDS - exhaust valve front left

N199 Starter airbag side airbag "Airbag" for the driver

N200 Starter airbag side airbag "Airbag" for the front passenger

N225 exhaust valve "ESP" -1-

N226 exhaust valve "ESP" -2-

N227 exhaust valve "ESP" -3-

N228 exhaust valve "ESP" -4-

N239 Intake manifold flap changeover valve

N240 valve for injector pump, 1st cylinder 

N241 valve for injector pump, 2nd cylinder

N242 valve for injector pump, 3rd cylinder

N243 valve for injector pump, 4th cylinder

N280 air conditioning compressor control valve

N291 Ignition coil 3 with power end cascade

N292 Ignition Coil 4 with Power Cascade

N376 magnet for locking removed keys with incl.


K1 headlight high beam warning lamp

K2 alternator alarm

K3 Oil emergency pressure monitoring

K6 warning light alarm

K7 brake control

K10 Control rear window heating

K13 rear fog lamp

K17 front fog lamp

K18 trailer direction indicator

K19 Seat belt fastener control

K28 alarm temp. and coolant level

K29 Preheat control (filament, diesel only)

K32 Checking the maximum permissible wear of the pads

K38 oil level control

K47 ABS warning lamp

K60 low beam warning light

K65 left direction indicator

K75 Airbeg signaling device

K83 exhaust light

K84 air conditioner control

K86 signaling device ASR

K92 power steering indicator

K94 turn signal indicator 

K105 Emergency Fuel Reserve Monitoring

K106 Checking the liquid level in the washer

K114 flap indicator for fresh and circulating air

K116 trunk lid opening warning light

K117 immobilizer signaling device

K132 fault indicator electronic fuel supply system (without mech. Communication accelerator pedal with throttle)

K133 Signaling device s-we center. control in the driver's door

K142 control of the position of the lever of the voter (selector) P / N

K155 signaling device ESP

K161 control of the electromechanical servo amplifier

K166 door open signaling device

K170 control of burnt out glow plugs

K171 hood opening control

K220 pneumatic pressure control


H1 Fog Light Bulb

H3 Buzzer (warning signal)

H8 Horn

H12 Warning tone with emergency power supply

H15 Buzzer parking sensors