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Especially when operating the vehicle

on a highway and when transporting to

a major distance, it is necessary to

follow subsequent instructions

  • Not to exceed the maximum permitted weight upon the front axle.

D 60 - D 75 = 2800 kg,

D 80 - D 90 = 3200 kg

To increase tire pressure of the front

axle by 80 to 100 kPa. However, the

maximum permitted tire pressure as-

signed by the tire producer must not be


n To take care of correct load distribu-

tion on loading area.

- to place the load in the middle of

loading area.

- to place the load evenly on loading


If tires will be exchanged, it is neces-

sary to prefer:


a) tires having higher carrying capacity -



b) tires that are determined by the pro-

ducer to be used on highway traffic.

Avia D60-D120 E4



F1 10A speedometer, tachograph, clock

F2 10A brake lamps, instrument cluster

F3 10A indicator lights

F4 10A reverse lamps

F5 10A cab and cont lamps*

F6 10A horn

F7 10A wipers

F8 25A heated mirrors

F9 25A blower motor

F10 25A air condition*

F11 25A power windows*

F12 10A differential lock / PTO / clock display

F13 10A engine control unit-tell tale

F14 10A central door locking*,cigarette lighter

F15 25A converter 24V/12V

F16 10A instrument cluster, speedometer, tachograph

F17 10A radio

F18 10A plug EURO 12V

F19 10A LH position lamps, RH outl. lamps,

instrument cluster illumination

F20 10A RH pos. lamps, LH outl. lamps,

switches illumination

F21 10A LH low beam

F22 10A RH low beam RH, headlamp level motor

F23 10A LH high beam

F24 10A RH high beam

F25 10A LH front fog lamp*

F26 10A RH front fog lamp*

F27 10A rear fog lamp

F28 10A engine starter

F29 10A fuel heating

F30 10A air heating

F31 30A engine control unit

F32 20A SCR dosing unit

F33 5A engine control unit (ECM)

F34 5A SCR dosing unit

F35 10A ABS control unit

F36 10A ABS control unit

F37 10A ABS control unit - towed vehicle

F38 10A ABS control unit - towed vehicle

F39 25A power for towed vehicle

F40 10A trailer indicators

F41 20A sensor NOx

F42 5A airsuspension - control unit

F0 80A heating of air sucked in (in the battery box)


R01 relay IGN 2

R02 relay IGN 1

R03 side light relay

R04 low beam relay

R05 high beam relay

R06 intermittent wire relay

R07 rear fog control module

R08 front fog relay*

R09 break lights relay

R10 stop lamp monitor

R11 turn signal relay

R12 hazard relay 1

R13 wiper activate relay 1

R14 wiper activate relay 2

R15 power windows relay 1*

R16 power windows relay 2*

R17 power windows relay 3*

R18 power windows relay 4*

R19 air condition relay*

R20 heated mirror timer

R21 relay "start"

R22 relay "starter lockout"

R23 ground relay

R24 heated fuel relay

R26 trailer indicators*

Avia D60-D90 E3

1 Compressor

2 Air pressure equaliser with air drier

3 Air tank 4.5 l

4 Four-way valve

5 Air tank 14 l

6 Air tank 14 l

7 Brake control valve

8 Air-hydraulic converter (I. circuit)

9 Air-hydraulic converter (II. circuit)

10 Brake fluid tank (I. circuit)

11 Brake fluid tank (II. circuit)

12 ABS valve (I. circuit)

13 ABS valve (II. circuit)

14 Load-dependent automatic regulator - air

15 Spring brake actuator

16 Manual brake valve of parking brake

17 Minimum air pressure switch of spring actuated

18 Front brake device

19 Rear brake device

1 Injection equipment

2 Single stage fuel filter with manual pump

3 Coolant pump with thermostat

4 Starter motor

5 Tightening pulley

6 Fan with viscous fan clutch

7 Filler neck for oil filling

8 Oil filter

9 Oil heat exchanger

10 Oil separator

11 Compressor

1 Fuel filter

2 Starter motor

3 Tightening pulley

4 Fan with viscous fan clutch

5 Filler neck for oil filling

6 Oil filter

7 Compressor

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