Perkins Fault Codes 1106C Series Engines

Self diagnosis


Perkins electronic motors are capable of self-diagnosis. When the system registers an active problem, the diagnostic lamp is activated. In this case, the diagnostic codes will be stored in read-only memory (ROM) of the electronic control module ECM. Diagnostic codes can be retrieved using the electronic service tool. For more information, see the chapter Troubleshooting, Electronic Service Tools.

Some installations with electronic displays have the ability to directly read engine diagnostic codes. For more information on retrieving diagnostic codes, see the manual supplied by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), as well as the Troubleshooting chapter, “Warning Lights” section.

Active codes indicate problems that currently exist. These problems must be investigated first.

Registered codes display the following:

· Occasional malfunctions

· Registered Events

· History of operation

Problems can be fixed since the registration of the code. These codes do not indicate the need for repair, they are landmarks or signals when events occur. Also, these codes can be helpful in solving troubleshooting problems.


After resolving the problem, it is necessary to clear the corresponding registered failure codes.

Diagnostic Lamps


The diagnostic lamp indicates the existence of an active failure. You can find more detailed information in the chapter Troubleshooting, section “Warning lights”. While resolving an existing problem, the fault diagnosis code will remain active. This diagnostic code can be retrieved using the electronic service tool. You can find more detailed information in the Troubleshooting chapter, Electronic Service Tools section.

Diagnostic Lamp


Use the Diagnostic lamp or electronic service tool to determine the diagnostic flashing code.


If the engine is equipped with a Diagnostic lamp, use the following algorithm to retrieve the blink code:


1. Change the position of the switch from on / off 2 times within 3 seconds.


The flashing yellow light indicates the digital engine code. The flashing sequence is a diagnostic message from the system. To determine the first digit of a blink code, count the number of blinks in the first sequence. After a two second pause, the second flashing sequence determine the second digit of the flashing code. And finally, after a second pause, the third blink sequence will determine the blink code.


Any additional codes will follow after a pause and displayed in the same way. Flashing code 551 means that since the ignition key was turned to the ON position, no faults were recorded.

111 Failure nozzle number 1



112 Nozzle Failure # 2



113 Failure nozzle number 3



114 Nozzle No.4 Failure



115 Failure nozzle number 5

116 Nozzle No.6 Failure



133 Failure of the air temperature sensor in the inlet pipe (5)



135 Failure boost pressure sensor in the inlet pipe



141 Failure of the main speed / motor timing sensor



142 Auxiliary engine speed / timing sensor failure

143 Engine Timing Calibration Failure



144 Engine Operation Mode Switch Failure



154 Throttle Position Sensor Failure



155 Auxiliary throttle position sensor failure



157 Engine oil pressure sensor failure



159 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Failure



162 Fuel Rail Pressure Valve Solenoid Failure



168 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure

177 Failure of the exhaust gas damper actuator (boost pressure regulator)

199 Spark Plug Trigger Failure

415 Software mismatch



422 ECM Power Outages



439 Ignition key failure

514 Data Link Damage SAE J1939



516 Sensor DC Power Failure



517 Sensor DC Power Failure (8 V)



527 System Parameter / User Parameter Error



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  • #3

    Bscpl (Friday, 08 December 2023 02:43)

    08 1203 108

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    Korsch (Friday, 27 August 2021 06:32)

    fault code 08-1203-108?

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    ahmad (Saturday, 17 April 2021 12:10)

    Dear sir;
    we HAVE two generators 1.5 MVA PEKINS connected in parallel mode
    during the generators run about load 700 A each
    if I stop one of them the other stop and give error low frequency
    although I put the protection for low frequency is 47 HZ AND THE DELAY 5 SECOND