Massey Ferguson Electrical Wiring Diagram

Massey Ferguson Service MF-7200 BETA Series MF-7260 BETA MF-7260 AL-4 BETA MF 7270 BETA MF-7270-AL-4 BETA


Massey Ferguson Tractor Series 3000-3100
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  • General information
  • General description of components used in various electrical governing bodies
  • Multi-function lever 
  • Hydrostatic pump
  • Concave Reduction Motors 
  • Operating control valve
  • Electro-hydraulic activation
  • SISU engine 
  • Connector of the characteristics monitor and on-board computer
  • Cab connector
  • Manual control of the vertical position of the header
  • Reel vertical position control
  • Reel horizontal position control 
  • Discharge pipe position control 
  • Control of the reel speed variator 
  • Controlling the position of the MCS grille and fan variator
  • Terra Control System
  • Management of multifunctional light indicators 
  • Controlling the grain tank filling and shaft speed
  • Electrical system of lighting equipment
  • Leveling Electrical System, Models 5AL - 6AL 
  • Shutdown of the additional cylinder
  • Straw Cutter Spreader Control

Electric control units

O Relay switch control computer

discharge pipe position, light operation

general accident indicator and reel movement


C relay control ECU monitoring

reel vertical position,

power limiter solenoid valve

hydraulics and solenoid valve

shutdown of the hydraulic accumulator in the circuit

adjust the vertical position of the header.

N Relay switch control computer

manual control of the vertical position of the header

and the movement reeled forward.

G Relay ECU - header positioning control.

P Relay control ECU used to

optimization of the Terra-Control system (models

5AL - 6AL).

E The diode ECU monitors the control signals,

directed to the solenoid valve NO

working control valve.

F See paragraph E.

H The computer controls the electro-hydraulic control.


Additional relay switches

R25 Emergency Relay Switch ON

alarms for shaft speed and relay

switches R 6, R 11 and R 17.

R26 Relay alarm relay

straw choppers as well as on / off

straw choppers.

R28 Relay switch to enable emergency

sound alarm when reaching

the maximum level of filling the grain tank.

R32 System enable relay

concave adjustments.

R33 Relay switch to turn on the system


R107 Relay start and start relay

signal of not disconnected hand brake.

R142 Relay switch for reversing lights

and lifting the header (with attached system



Connectors of the main body.

2 Fuse box and relay switch.

3 Ground connection screw.

282A Dashboard cable connector

283A Lighting cable connector


284A Main power cable connector.

285A Electro-hydraulic cable connector


286A Light-alarm cable connector.

287A On-board computer and system cable connector


288A Alignment system cable connector.

289A Cab cable connector.

290A Operating control valve connector.

291A Power Cord Connector.

1. Protective cover

4. Protective cover

5. Prefabricated housing covers

Connectors of the main body.

Additional relay switches

Connector removal



The main machine relays are located

in two blocks (1 and 2) installed

inside the cabinet

on the right side of the cab.

Relay switches






























Alarm block for transmission control system of the cleaning unit.

Alarm block for under-hammer equipment speed control system.

Alarm block for straw chopper control system.

Alarm block for drum separator speed control system.

Relays for longitudinal alignment control (5AL and 6AL models only).

Relay switch for activating beater speed control systems, fans

and reel (with the engine running and the thresher control switch on).

Auxiliary relay switch to ensure the operation of fuses 2,3, 4, 5 and 6.

Relays for controlling straw choppers.

Relay switch to interrupt engine start when the electro-hydraulic


Relays for automatic control of longitudinal alignment (only for models 5AL and 6AL).

Relay switch to control the increase in reel speed.

Relay switch to activate header lowering system using electrical Terra-Control, only with the engine running.

Relay switch for engine operation.

Relay switch for brake control system.

Auxiliary relay switch for fuse operation 40, 41 and 42.

Relay switch, electrical grid control

universal triera and for electric control of straw baffles cross sections (if installed).

Relay for controlling reel speed reduction.

Relay switch for rotating beacon control system

grain hopper.

Auxiliary relay switch for fuse operation

52, 53, 54 and 55.

Horn relay.

Flashing lights.

Hectare counter timer (5AL and 6AL models only).

1. Cable color

2. Link to the part specified in the description of the circuit

3. Cable cross-section, in mm2 (cables, the size of which is not indicated, have a cross-section of 1 mm2)

4. Connection with the "mass"

5. The location of the cables in the connectors, sockets, switches, relays, etc.

6. Connector

7. Point with one-piece connection

8. Fuse No. 31 with a rating of 10 A

9. Diode

10. Varistor

11. Lamp, indicator light, warning light, etc.

12. Microswitch

13. Switch or control switch

13A. Switch positions

14. Rocker switch

14A. Rocker Switch Positions

15. Solenoid valve

16. Relays with protective diode

16A. Relay drive solenoid (attached to terminals 85 and 86)

16B. Relay contacts (connected to terminals 30 - 87 - 87a)

16C. Magnet protection diode

17. Relays with a double protective diode

17A. Relay contacts (connected to pins 30 and 87)

17B. Relay drive solenoid (attached to terminals 85 and 86)

NOTE: - if the components are shown in the diagrams in the locked position, then when removing

component it will be in this position.

- Always use relays with protective diodes and with characteristics,

corresponding relay functions.

- Do not reverse the polarity of terminals 85 and 86.


A = Blue B = White C = Orange G = Yellow

H = Gray L = Blue M = Brown N = Black

R = Red S = Pink V = Green Z = Purple