Mack Truck Service Manuals. EWD.

Mack Truck Service Manuals, Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalog and Error Codes Manuals

Automatic Traction Control (ATC) (If Equipped)

Towing Information 

Towing a Vehicle Equipped with mDRIVE Transmission


Lifting The Front Suspension ABS

Lifting The Rear Suspension


Max. Loading During Lifting and Towing

Lifting, General

Lifting A Vehicle With Leaf Springs

Lifting A Vehicle With Air Suspension

Towing Configurations (Rear, Side, and Using the Tow Hooks)

Parking Brakes and Towing Hooks

Towing Backwards And Sideways 

Towing Backwards

Towing Sideways

Releasing The Brake

Parking Brake — Mechanical Release

Disk Brakes

Brakes In Winter

Jump Starting 

Engine Components, Service Schedules

MP7, MP8 and MP10 (US2010 and Newer) Engine Oil Change Intervals

MP7, MP8 and MP10 Engines

Engine Intake Air Cleaner

Engine Component Maintenance Intervals

Engine Coolant

Drive Belts (Fan and Accessory)

Engine Valve Adjustments

Exhaust Aftertreatment System 

Rear Axle Oil Change Intervals

T300 Series Manual Transmission Oil Change Interval

mDRIVE Transmission Oil Change Intervals

Power Steering Fluid

• “Air Brake System”

• “Air Solenoid Valves”

• “Liftable Axle Air System Requirements”

• “Air Lines Joystick Control”

• “Air Line Hose Installation”

• “Air Lines Routing”, page 23

• “Air Brake Routing Schematics”

• “Air Line Numbers and Description”

• “Air Tank Fittings”

• “Brake Literature”

• “Body Mounting”

• “Specifications”

• “Bolt Hole Patterns”

• “Subframes”

• “Fasteners”

• “Frame”

• “LR Bumper Design and Requirements”

• “Fifth Wheel”

Mack Truck Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Mack Truck Error Codes

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