Volvo Truck Electrical Wiring Diagram

The guide to repair and maintenance of electrical circuits contains the necessary illustrations of the location of the harnesses and electrical components, fuses. The colored electrical circuits of the VOLVO FH12, FH16 trucks provide fast and complete assimilation of information. The book will be useful to all owners of trucks Volvo

Service Manual Trucks

Group 37

Version 01

Wiring diagram

FH12, FH16 RHD

To be inserted into the binders for FM, FH.

Example of wiring diagram

Examples of symbols on wiring diagram 

Component wiring diagram index

Component wiring diagrams


Circuit card electrical centre

Fuses on circuit card electrical centre

Relays on circuit card electrical centre

Cable harness illustration index

List of connectors

List of components 


Cable colour code

Examples of symbols on wiring diagram





Joint sleeve


Twisted cables

Conductor on circuit card

Earth connection and cable


Switch, starting switch

Closing contact

Closing contact, pressure-regulated

Break contact, temperature-regulated

Thermostat, time-regulated

Slip contact, horn

VOLVO L120E Electrical Schematic Diagram
Adobe Acrobat Document 955.0 KB
Volvo FL6 Wiring Diagram Group 37 Releas
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.2 MB
Volvo FM7, FM10, FM12 LHD Wiring Diagram
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.5 MB
Volvo FH12 FH16 RHD Wiring Diagramc Wiri
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.1 MB


Sch01 Main diagram L69050A

Sch02 Feeds E-ECU, I-ECU, V-ECU L69054A

Sch03 Starting motor, preheating L69056A

Sch04 Engine speed, fuel level L69059A

Sch05 Engine coling, engine oil level L69061A

Sch06 Lighting L69064A

Sch07 Working lights L69067A

Sch08 Rotating beacon, direction indicators, stop lights L69070A

Sch09 Gear control, steering column, lever carrier L66659C

Sch09B Gear control, steering column, single lever L69071A

Sch10 Sensors, transmission L69072A

Sch11 Gear shifting solenoids, transmission disengagement L69074A

Sch13 Brake cooling oil temperature, transmission oil level L66895C

Sch15B Braks L69078A

Sch16 Secondary steering L69081A

Sch17 Lever steering (CDC) L66839D

Sch18 Wiper, washing, horn L69084A

Sch19 Climate control system, air condition (AC) L69086A

Sch20 Cab L69089A

Sch21 Work hydraulics L69090A

Sch21B Work hydraulics with 4th hydraulic function L69093A

Sch21C Work hydraulics with single lever L69095A

Sch22 Work hydraulics, Detent, 3rd hydraulic function L69097A

Sch23 Boom Suspension System (BSS), hydraulic oil temperatur L69098A

Sch24 Communication, ECU L69100A

Sch25 Display panel keyboard L66268F

Sch26 Automatic lubrication system L69102A

Sch27 Accelerator pedal, hand throttle L67865B

Sch28 Sensors connected to E-ECU L69103A

Sch29 Sensors connected to E-ECU L69107A

Sch30 Injectors L69108A

Sch31 Communication, ECU, preheating L69111A

Sch32 Mechanical parking brake with rider truck safety norms L69115A

Sch33 Climate control system, automatic temperature control L69116A

Sch34 Reversing camera, electrically heated rear L69243A

Sch100 Reversible fan L69247A

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