Shacman Fault Codes

All Shacman errors F2000, F3000, L3000, M3000, New Energy, X3000


SX3258DR384, SX3258DR384C, SX4256NT385, SX3258DR385, SX3318DT366, SX4256DT324, SX42584T384T, SX5256GJBDR384

1.turn on the ignition

2. at the top right (in the area of the climate control unit) there is a "DIAG" key, you do not need to press the key (the key will return to its original position);

3. the symbol on the instrument panel will start blinking (drawing of the engine with the inscription EDC), the system issues three-digit codes, for example: two flashes, a second pause, three flashes, a pause, one flash: Error code: 231;

4. press the "DIAG" button again, the system will issue the following code (if any)

5. Carry out the procedure several times until the codes start repeating and you make sure that you have correctly identified the codes.

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